Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Humble & Fruitful Beginnings

Today is a glorious day and a time of thanks for the first Tree of Life workshop that was held in Grafton Sierra Leone. There has been much preparation for this event and many people have sacrificed time and money to make this event happen. The event was held in a war widows’ camp led by a wonderful woman of God, Margaret Tucker. These widows, who have lost much due to the 10 year civil war in Sierra Leone, have banded together and are known as the ‘War Widows for Christ’. They are 80 in number and are farming together to try and build sustainable lives for themselves and the children they care for.

We were invited to come and share the good news about the moringa tree and the Good News about Christ. We took this time to teach them and to encourage them in their work and lives. Myself, Pastor Emmanuel, Joshua, Mark, and Sullay were the teachers that taught during the two day workshop. We also had a team of volunteers who had come to serve alongside of my teammates, Tom and Becky Brockelman, come and help us. Tony Anderson, an agriculturalist, and his wife Sarah joined us and helped teach the widows how to plant moringa. I am so thankful for the people God put together to put this program together.

The program began Monday evening. We led our time with a time of praise and devotion to God. Pastor Emmanuel shared the Word of God and shared about Jesus being the Living Water. He then taught the widows how to use sunlight to make clean water. He did an excellent job and provided much needed information to this population who has lost children due to sickness from drinking unclean water. After the water lesson, I introduced the widows to the moringa tree. I shared with them how much God loved them to put such a wonderful resource all around them in Sierra Leone.
Tuesday morning, we began with devotion and prayer. We then went to the garden and planted 10 moringa seedlings. Tony Anderson demonstrated to the widows how to plant and then encouraged them to plant the remaining seedlings. There were so many good questions and everyone put their knowledge into practice. It was a wonderful time working together.

We ended the morning with a lesson on moringa powder. We talked about malnutrition and how to use this powder to prevent it. Joshua and Mark demonstrated how to make the powder. I am very proud of them as this was their first time standing up and teaching a crowd. They did a marvelous job. They continued to show the widows how to incorporate the moringa powder into their traditional African food. All were receptive and committed to sharing their new knowledge with their families and neighbors.

My heart is soaring and I am encouraged in the work God has called me to here in Sierra Leone. I am thankful to the people God has brought along side of me to partner in the work. Our hearts have been ignited as we have seen the open hearts of this community to the truth about moringa and the Truth about Christ. Let God continue to lead us to those communities in Sierra Leone that are in need of physical and spiritual healing. Praise be to God for all!

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