Friday, August 24, 2012

Move to Makeni

The gazillion stones I moved one by one...this is half the pile!
Time in Africa seems to move at an exponential rate of slowness. I know that I have been communicating my move to Makeni for the sake of the project for months now. It has taken these months to secure housing, make repairs, and tie up loose ends in Jui, my previous home. We, Joshua and I, arrived in Makeni last Saturday, August 18th.

I do have mixed emotions after living two years in Jui. I am so use to my neighbors calling my name in the streets, the warm greetings and the adorable children stopping by for a cup of water or candy. I also am missing my two other disciple Mark and Moses. They came and helped with the move on Saturday, but I felt tears coming to my eyes when I realized that they would no longer be dropping in every day for a meal or bible study. I hope that God will allow us to continue our discipleship from afar. Both guys have committed to visiting here often, and I will be going to Freetown every month as well.
The finished comes the planting!
So the house is nice and big. I am anticipating teams from partnering churches and family members visiting as the project grows. We have been working hard on the house the last five days in cleaning, prepping, making wire mesh widow screens to combat the mosquitoes, and removing a gazillion large stones from the garden area in the back. FYI I did ALL the work in the garden myself!

Joshua hard at work making wire screens to protect us from mosquitoes
Joshua has been a big help and it is my first time seeing his carpentry skills come alive. He is doing a great job and I definitely admire his skills. He has been such an asset to the project and I know that God will continue to use him in the ministry. He is talking about full time missions and is still reading eagerly the Word of God. Continue to pray for him and me both. Cultural differences have been our biggest challenge. I am praying for unity, trust, honesty and understanding.

I have completed 15 Community Health Lessons that are print/lamination ready. I also have 5 moringa lessons and another 20 Bible Stories. Since February, this has been the giant staring me in the face, but today I knocked that Giant in the head with a stone and am celebrating that the translation, research and compilation of these 40 lessons are coming to an end!

The next step will be training local pastors/Christians in executing the project. That is my next step. I hope to plan a two day seminar that will give them all the prayer, tools and encouragement they need to go teach their communities that God wants them to be healthy and whole through Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for us as we finalize these lessons and begin preparing for training.
Gusteau the Security Dog!

We are still raising money for a car to help us get to the remote areas of the country. Pray that the right car will meet us with the right price. Pray for my brothers, Mark, Moses, Sullay and Joshua. Pray that they will continue to hold tight to their faith as we adjust our means of discipleship.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Meet Gusteau, our new watch dog! The only thing he watches now are the flies he tries to catch on the veranda! ;-/
I love you all and will update as soon as I can! Please write and let me know how I can pray for you as well.

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