Volunteers Needed

  • Project Manager: This person will be responsible to oversee the agricultural and educational programs.
  • TOL Dream Team: This will be a group of 5 individuals that will function as the visionaries and administrative decision makers. This will be a mix of Sierra Leonean nationals and fulltime missionaries. Ideally, the group must include a nurse, teacher, pastor and agriculturalist.
  • Volunteers: These volunteers will be students/graduates from the Community Health Education Class. This will minimize/eliminate the cost for employees. It will also teach students the importance of giving back to the communities.
  • Agriculturalist: Someone knowledgeable in the areas of agronomy will be needed to help start and train local participants in the project. It will be preferred if this was a Sierra Leonean, but other volunteers or short-term workers will be welcome to come and participate in the project.
  • Community Health Educators (2): These teachers will be trained to teach the 20 lessons of Community Health and Disease Prevention. These teachers may work as volunteers or a small fee from the students could provide a stipend for transportation and supplemental income.
  • Construction Workers: Initially we will need a Contractor and local laborers for the construction of the facilities and fence.
  • Business Developer: Someone will be needed to help develop business plans and marketing strategies for the Moringa products once processed.
  • TOL Advocacy Groups: These groups can be small groups within churches that commit to pray, give and serve in the TOL project.
  • Nurse: TOL hopes to assist malnourished children by giving a proper assessment of the child’s health and development. TOL will have a nurse available to perform nutritional assessments to either refer severely malnourished children to a hospital, or treat the child with a feeding program using Moringa leaf powder. Patients can come back and allow the nurse to track the growth and weight gain of the child.