Prayer Requests


Here are the latest prayer needs. Please feel free to share them with your churches, small groups, etc. Thank you so much for your intercession and support. I love you all!
1    Please pray for Pastor Emmanuel as he is currently teaching two new classes within Tree of Life. Pray that the students would be open to the Good News and the information on Community Health. Pray as new relationships are being born. Pray for those from different faiths as they hear the message of Christ for the first time. Pray that more teachers and leaders would emerge from our classes. Pray also for the new church plant that is emerging as a result of our classes.
 Pray for “M” as he is continued to be disciple. Pray for me as I guide and direct him. Thank God for his hunger to read the Word for himself. Pray for his family as they are from a different faith background. Pray that “M” would be the light and salt to his family and friends.
      Pray for Tree of Life and upcoming opportunities to partner with other organizations in expanding the ministry. Pray for the parties involved as we pray and seek God on His plan for us to work together.
      Pray for teammates David and Lisa Bonnet and their two sons Michael and Jesse. Pray for safety as they return to Sierra Leone this week and as they continue in their ministry here in Sierra Leone.
      Pray for Teammates Gabe and Sada Herrera (Isaiah and Lucas) as they return also this week to Sierra Leone. Pray for wisdom on decisions they are facing. Pray for their volunteer team that will be coming this month to work to empower the Youth of Sierra Leone.
      Pray for Teammates Tom and Becky Brockelman. Pray for their team that arrives this month that will be involved in many areas. Pray for wisdom and safety as they come and go. Pray that this time will be encouraging to Tom, Becky and Bo. Pray for the street orphans they will be working among as well as the disabled children.
      Pray for teammate Rochelle Nyatoro as she has just landed in January and is working as the new accountant for GCPN. Pray that God would give her wisdom as she seeks to develop communities in Sierra Leone.
      Pray for me during this season of ‘rebuilding’ and ‘regrouping’. Pray that God would lift me from where I have been and restore me fully to where I need to be. Pray for my emotional and spiritual health as we often face the darker side of life here. Pray that God would heal unspoken wounds that need to be healed.
      Pray for the people of Sierra Leone. Pray for the many thousands who have yet to believe in the One we believe. Pray for the church of Sierra Leone to rise from the ashes, to shake off the opposing cultures and take a stand for the name of Christ. Pray against false prophets and prophesy among the church. Pray that true repentance will come which will lead to a true revival.
Pray for me as I face very big decisions this coming year. Pray that God would guide me and give me peace in the areas of decision I face.

Prayer Requests – March 2013

Pray for the Tree of Life Ministry classes taking place in Freetown. Pray for wisdom, guidance and understanding as Pastor Emmanuel teaches two classes of 19 students. Pray that the Gospel message will be planted and will come to fruition in the lives of those open to the Truth.

Pray for the new Tree of Life Ministry class that has begun in Magbentae, Makeni. Pray for the polio victims at this camp and for me as I teach in Krio to them about physical and spiritual Truth. Pray that a leader would emerge that would have the heart to continue the work even when my time is complete there.

Pray for the new partnership with a local Hospital in Makeni. Pray that God would use our ministry to share Truth with the leadership of the facility and also help us show love by meeting the physical needs of the patients.

Pray for Mark. I am continuing to disciple Mark and he is doing amazingly well in his understanding of scriptures. Pray that God would continue to provide for himself and his family. He also has an unspoken request that he needs prayer for. Pray for wisdom as he undergoes a major decision.

Pray for Joshua and Moses who have betrayed my trust and have committed multiple crimes against me. Pray for their genuine salvation and for a true understanding and remorse for the actions they have committed.

Pray for me as I am trying to continue to seek funding for the work here. God is providing daily bread, yet I am praying that God would provide in order that this work will grow even on an international level – to ALL nations (Psalm 96:3). Pray that individuals, churches and other groups would be moved to join in and help us.

Pray for my team here as we all are involved in various ministries. Pray for strength, wisdom, and understanding and for the endurance to ALWAYS stand up for the Truth.

Pray that God will provide transportation for us here as we move to expand the project.

Pray for the missionaries here who face culture shock, loneliness, stress and who are always considered outsiders. Despite these barriers, pray that God would still use us in proclaiming the Truth and reflecting His glory here in Sierra Leone.

Pray for my family who has decided to form my first Advocacy Team. Pray for them as they try to raise funds to come and see me here in Sierra Leone and the work that I am doing.

Pray for unity among missionaries and nationals in regards to ministry and relationships.

February 2013

Give praise for the 9 graduates that have completed the Tree of Life class. Continue to pray for Pastor Sesay as he begins the next class in the coming weeks. Pray for the Truth of the Gospel to be proclaimed unashamedly and understood completely.

Pray for the several students who have expressed an interest to continue a home Bible study with Pastor Emmanuel. Pray for Pastor as he leads them and for this prospective start of a church plant.

Pray for the new class beginning in Makeni. Pray for the acquisition of a location and for the students who will be participating. Pray as the leadership prepares to expand Tree of Life.

Pray for the people of Sierra Leone and the unreached people groups represented here. Pray theat the local church and missionaries will continue to partner to make Christ’s name known here in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Pray for continued financial support for missionary Chuck Luke and the Tree of Life project. Pray that God will touch the hearts of partners to join in and give on a monthly basis to ensure the work can continue here.

Pray for M, M, J and S. Pray as they continue to walk their new road of discipleship. Pray for them in their personal lives and for them as they may face different forms of persecution because of their faith.

Pray for my missionary team here in country: The Brockelman family, the Herrera family, the Bonnet family, the Ryan family, Rochelle N., the Conteh family, and the Allie family. Pray for continued grace as we strive to serve together as a team in Sierra Leone.

Pray for many unspoken prayers concerning the expansion of Tree of Life and our relationship with other partners. Pray that God’s glory will always remain our chief aim and that we would listen and walk as the Spirit leads.

January/February 2012

  • Pray for the preparation of the Bible Study and Community Health Curriculum.
  • Pray for the final approval of the land and several meetings that must take place this month.
  • Pray that funding for the first phase of the project (fencing) will be secured ($15,000 USD)
  • Pray for Christ to be glorified and seen in every part of development and preparation for the project.
  • Pray for the 23,000 children who die everyday in the world from preventable disease or malnutrition/starvation.
  • Pray that this project will continue to be a light of hope and a reflection of Christ's love as we give nutrition and the Gospel to the people of Sierra Leone.
  • Praise God for the volunteers who have come forward and a local pastor who has agreed to teach and work with me in praying for a new church to spring up from this project.

October 2011
  • Pray that God will miraculously provide the $40,000 needed to establish the Tree of Project in Sierra Leone.
  • Pray that God would call workers to join in the project.
  • Pray for the impoverished and malnourished children of Sierra Leone. Pray that God's love would be evident through His provisions through this project.
  • Pray that God will provide the perfect location and land for the project.
  • Pray for any legal issues that may arise when trying to establish this project in Sierra Leone.
  • Pray for the thousands of unreached people in Sierra Leone that have never had the chance to hear the Truth of Jesus Christ.