Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making Progress

A completed moringa lesson.
 Big things have been happening with the project. The first thing that I need to inform you all about is my move to the village of Makeni. I hope to be moving in the month of July. Makeni is two hours away and closer to the rural villages of the country. I feel that this location will be more strategic and economically feasible as we begin to venture out. I have already secured a house and am praying that God will supply means of transportation in the coming months. I praise God for donations that have been sent specifically for a car, since we will need a car to go to the more remote areas. Please pray as I contemplate on the best way to buy and secure this car. Used cars here are double the price and half the quality. Shipping from America can be costly and risky due to the corruption of the port here in Sierra Leone.
My moringa tree two weeks after harvesting leaves.
The past couple of months, we have been focusing on developing our community health lessons, moringa lessons and Bible stories into a picture driven story format. Kerri Kennedy, a summer intern, is here for five weeks and is helping me along with my friends M,M & J. Missionaries, Sada Herrera and Megan Ryan, have also joined in the work to help prepare these lessons. All in all, the lessons will be comprised of 15 community health lessons, 5 moringa lessons, and 20 Bible stories. Once these lessons have been refined and translated, we will begin training teachers.

My intensive plot two weeks after harvesting the leaves.
I am so excited about the progress that God is bringing together step-by-step. We also harvested our moringa plots and have made our first batch of moringa powder. These are the pictures post-harvest. After 1 ½ weeks, you can see the new leaves that have emerged. Also, you can see the seed pods on the larger tree. To date, we have counted over 500 seeds on this tree that is not even one year old. This is truly a remarkable tree!

I ask all of you to continue to be in prayer for the project. Pray for us in the coming months as I transition to Makeni. Pray that God would provide the additional funds needed to move and begin traveling to the outer provinces. I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. You all are part of the team. May God bless each of you for your faithfulness. Love God. Love people.

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