Monday, February 6, 2012

Moringa Experiment: Week 3

DSC00348It has been another week, and the moringa seedlings are doing fine. We had a few bumps over the last week and a few casualties. We realized that the young seedlings do not like direct sunlight for long periods of time, nor do they like too much water on the leaves. We had a small problem with fungus, but once we adjusted our watering techniques, the seedlings began sprouting new and fresh leaves free of fungi. We also built a small shelter to guard the plants from the sun until they are stronger.

DSC00338We also built a small wooden fence on the new property and planted 12 moringa trees. The fence was built by myself and my three friends (A,S, & K). We had a great time creating the plot. Kassim was the chief carpenter and even added a small cross above the doorway. I was so proud to see them working together and excited about the project. The guys wanted to make a place for these twelve trees along with some flowers as an advert for the project. I am supporting them and so happy to see the creative juices flowing.

We still are trying to raise money for the next phase of the project: the fence. So far we have about $2,000 USD raised and are relying on God for the balance. I am thankful to hear of people brainstorming about raising funds to help the project. Thank you for all your efforts and excitement. We definitely need your ideas, encouragement and prayers. Above all, God is faithful and will provide.

I am meeting with pastor Emmanuel weekly to develop the Bible lessons for the month long class. It is our prayer that within the month of learning, we will present the Gospel to each class and invite them to our new church plant. I am so excited that God is bringing people together for His glory. Thank you all for your prayers and support! We are one step closer…

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