Friday, June 21, 2013

Tears for the City

images In Luke 19:41-44, Jesus laments for Jerusalem as he approached the city. The city that praised him and cried “Hosanna!”, Jesus preceded this glorious welcome with tears. As I meditate on this passage, I am challenged and convicted. I cannot imagine the pain Jesus felt being welcomed in such a glorious and majestic way only to be later falsely accused and crucified by the same praise givers. The twelve deserted him along with the city that welcomed him as the King of the Jews. This betrayal must have been a gut-wrenching experience for the God-man. And it was just the beginning of his isolation and lonely walk down the ‘way of suffering’. Even the closest of Jesus’ friends did not understand him and fled when their encouragement and defense was needed, yet Jesus knew this was the lot that had fallen to him. This was the cup that he submitted to drink from through sweat of blood and tears.

It is encouragement to me that Christ, among all who have lived and breathed, experienced betrayal, rejection, false accusations, suffering and even death on a level that we will never know. During this season of my life, I have been faced with betrayals, physical harm, rejection and false accusations. I look to Jesus’ example in all of this and know that He knows and understands. Although these trials cannot be avoided, it is a comfort to know that He is with me. He cries with me. He hurts with me. He will even fight for me when necessary.

My challenge remains in the preliminary action of Jesus before his passion and suffering commenced. The challenge for me are the tears…the love. Knowing what awaited him, still Jesus wept for those that he knew would spit on him, strike him and place the crown of thorns on his head. This is my prayer. In the darkest parts of the world, Lord, give me tears and love for those who ‘do not know what they are doing’. May my life be a life that silently accepts the cup of suffering while still extending grace, love and forgiveness. God, let me weep for Sierra Leone and the rest of the world who desperately needs You.

Your prayers are being answered and classes are multiplying. Pastor Emmanuel is teaching two classes and I just finished my own class in Makeni. We have a group and our first church plant has emerged over the last couple of months. Please be in prayer concerning these things. We are also discussing a future partnership in expanding the Tree of Life ministry and working with an investor that longs to create working moringa farms throughout the country and the world. We are in the planning stages, but pray that God would guide us and give us wisdom in the decisions that are on the horizon.

I love you all and thank you for your support! Please drop me and email and let me know how I can pray for you. GTG

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