Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prayers & Politics

Merry Christmas! It has been some time since you have received an email update from me. I apologize for that, yet this time away has been a necessary quiet time of healing. I had a wonderful time with Pioneers at a spiritual retreat in October. It was a time of renewal and wonderful fellowship with fellow missionaries from all over the world. I also have had a wonderful time being home with the family and spending time with friends who I have not seen in quite some time. It all has been medicine for my soul and I am thankful to God for every moment.

I will be returning to Sierra Leone January the 8th. I am looking forward to my return and diving back into the work God has called me to. I received an update from Pastor Emmanuel concerning the Tree of Life project. The last class will be held today and we will have our first 9 graduates! Glory to God! The graduation will be held when I return in January. I am so proud of Pastor Emmanuel for his leadership while I have been away. I am also proud of these 9 students who have worked hard in educating themselves about health, the moringa tree and the Word of God. Please continue to pray for them. Pastor shared with me that they have begun a home Bible study on Thursdays as a result of this class. Pray for those who are seeking Truth! My heart is overjoyed at this news!

I do ask that you continue to pray for the political situation in Sierra Leone. Elections were held in November, and from the reports given to me thus far, there have been only minimal amounts of unrest. Please continue to pray for peace and for the leadership of the country. Pray for God’s protection and for unity among the citizens of Sierra Leone.

I do ask that you continue to pray for me. I received word this week that my house was broken into again and that my remaining possession were stolen. I have lost all of my books, clothes and kitchen items. The house was also damaged which I have to repair. This is disheartening yet comes with the territory. The timing has been difficult as I have been paying for some medical costs as well as increased costs of being home in the U.S. I ask that you pray that God will supernaturally provide for these needs and the ones not mentioned. He has been faithful thus far.

I love you all and thank you so much for your continued prayers, love and support. Please write me and let me know how I can pray for you as well.

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